Friday, January 14, 2011

Achievement Reflection

I like the description on the inside cover on the ‘who’ this book is for: “It is essential reading for parents, policy makers, and anyone interested in seeing our young people succeed as employees and citizens.” The world around us is constantly changing and upgrading the tools used and how they are used. However, it seems that education, even though its purpose is to empower future leaders and citizens has not evolved with the outside world. This book demonstrates what businesses deem important and how these aspects may be implemented in the classroom.

Mr. Wagner describes seven survival skills that are essential that students achieve in order to become competitive in the world-wide marketplace. Being a math teacher, I liked how these skills align very well with what is being proposed with the common core standards.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the book and will have to say that I agreed with it. Very interesting to see what the business world has to say, along with what the 'good' schools are doing.

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